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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Alyssa Beutler

2018 Mothers Day Gift Guide




For the Horsey Mom


Not all of us get to share our love of horses with our moms, but if you are one of the lucky ones that do, here are some ideas for your mom for Mother’s Day.


*Rider Wristlets: These wristlets are loved by those who have them and lusted after by those who don’t. Treat your mom this Mother’s Day to one and she will be thanking you for months to come. The wristlet is a stylish way to keep all your necessities with you on your horse, or on the town.

*TS Breeches: Because you can never have too many pairs of breeches. Seriously. With so many colours to choose from you can find the perfect pair to fit her style.

*Dreamers Socks: We like to think of the Dreamers and Schemers socks as the “Ultimate” boot sock. Fun patterns, lightly padded foot for comfort, perfect weight for all weather and a black top so your mom doesn’t have to worry about her socks playing peek a boo.

*Spiced Phone Case: We all need a little way to let the world know we’re horse crazy, and a fun horsey phone case is the perfect way to do this. Choose from either the classic phone case, or the new bumper phone case. Tons of different patterns for various phones.



For the Horse Show Mom


Is your mom the mom who is always at your shows? Holding horses, hauling things around for you, videoing rounds, grabbing food. Horse show moms are truly the best. If you’re blessed enough to have a horse show mom, get her something a little special this year to set her up for the coming season of horse shows!


*All Weather Rider: While the All Weather Rider may be designed for riding, your mom will sure appreciate it when she’s standing ring side in a down pour to catch your round. Not to mention, it’s stylish enough to hit the town in throughout the year.

* Poplar Lane Tumbler, Spiced Flask: Coffee in the morning, drink in the afternoon. No really, horse show mom is a hard job, and watching your rounds is a whole different kind of stressful. Ask your mom if she breaths at all while you’re in the ring. Make sure she’s set up for the day with these goodies.

*Show Mom Tee: The perfect cute gift so your mom can rock her horse show mom status loud and proud.








For the Active Mom


Does your mom share your love of being active, but not your love of horses? No worries, we can still help you out with your gift giving. We’ve got some great options for your mom if she loves to hit the gym, yoga class, or the hiking trail.


*Sunshirts: Not just for riding, sunshirts are a great option for your mom who spends her summers outside achieving her athletic goals. Collared or non-collared, mesh or not, we’ve got a Sunshirt for everyone. Help your mom protect her skin, while staying cool.

*Asmar/Poplar Lane Ball Caps: Because helmet hair isn’t the only hair you need to hide, gym hair is a thing too. The Asmar hats come in 5 colours, so you’ve got options.

*Spiced H20: Drinking enough water is always important, and even more so when you’re always on the move. Help your active mom get enough water with a cute water bottle from Spiced Eq.



For Every Mom


We’ve got some classic items in store so no matter whether your mom’s interests run to horsey or otherwise, you cannot go wrong with gifting these lovelies.


 *Tucker Tweed Bags: No matter what the occasion, a Tucker Tweed bag always makes a great gift, and Mother’s Day is certainly no exception to that rule. Whether it’s a wallet or crossbody or a James River Tote for your mom who works hard day in and day out, we’ve got some great options for your mom. This is a classic timeless gift item.

*Belts: A good leather belt is never a bad gift, and we’ve got some solid options for you. For an extra special present, grab your mom the Asmar Signature belt, it’s actually two belts in one, and they are chic enough to go with any outfit. Another great option is a Tailored Sportsman belt, with a few different options to choose from, like snakeskin or quilted leather, you can find one to fit your moms style.   

*Equus Soaps: It may be little, but a good bar of soap is actually a lovely gift. These soaps are all hand made, are packed full of great natural ingredients and smell great thanks to essential oils. They last long, make for soft hands, and are even pretty sitting by the sink.



Social Media Shop Credits

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Lucky little shoes.png

The world of social media can be hard to navigate for everyone, with the often annoying algorithms that are put in place by the sites. Posts are often not shared to your feed, or you seem them 5 days latter, and sometimes that can mean a missed opportunity on a sale, or other limited time offer!

In order to help you keep seeing our posts we’re inputting a new system. Each month we will be giving away two $15(cad) credits to the shop. Want to win one? It’s easy! Make sure you are liking, commenting and sharing our posts! One Facebook both a comment on a post and a share of a post will count as one entry each (you must also like the post). On Instagram a comment on a posts, as well as sharing our posts to your feed or stories (we must be tagged) will each count as a post. Again, you must also like the post. On Twitter, like and retweet the post and you will have an entry. And a bonus way of getting entries, tag us in your shots with goodies from our store!

In short, if you interact with us on our social media pages you will be entered to win a $15 credit to shop at our store! Winners will be announced on the first of every month, starting in May!

2018 Poplar Lane Ambassador Program

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2018 Poplar Lane Ambassador Program


For 2018 we want to create an ambassador program that is engaging and allows our ambassadors to interact with our followers and help us to build our brand. We want to work with equestrians who are passionate about this sport and building a positive and empowering community. This program will offer benefits to the ambassadors, which will be fully shared upon selection.

Our Ambassadors will be expected to help us curate content for our social media and website as well as share any news pertaining to our brand. While we hope that being an Ambassador for our company is a rewarding and fulfilling experience, it does require effort on behalf of the Ambassador. We want to create a group of riders who can support and empower each other, while also growing their influence within the equestrian community.


The following is a list of the expectations our ambassadors will have.

-       A monthly post for our blog or more often. This can be one of a number of post types including, but certainly not limited to: Tips and Tricks, Product Reviews, What’s in my tack trunk, horse show guides, etc.

-       Weekly content for our social media, which could include any of the following: #ROOTD’s, Action shots or videos, Lifestyle shots etc.

-       At least one Instagram “take over” in the 4 months. Preferably on a day/weekend when you have an equestrian related event. This could be a horse show, clinic, or being a spectator at a large show.


If this program sounds like something that you would like to be apart of we want to hear from you! Please send us an email (No DM’s please) including some background information on you and why you think you would be a good ambassador. Be Creative!! A large part of the ambassador program is tapping into your creative side to help create engaging content, so your application is a great time to show this off!


Deadline for submissions will be April 15th. Please send your submissions to poplarlaneequestrian@gmail.com. Ambassador choices will be announced on May 1st.  


(Please note that some of the benefits of this program may affect your amateur status depending on your association rules, so factor this into your decision to apply. The responsibility of this falls on the ambassador.)

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Alyssa Beutler
2017 Gift Guide.png

Super Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers

Stuff the stockings this year with items that are sure to be a hit. From adults to kids, horse lovers to non horsey peoples, we have great gift ideas for making sure your stocking stuffers hit a high note. Whether it be useful or whimsical, these ideas are sure to please.


·      Dreamers and Schemers Socks: With a multitude of fun designs there is a sock for every personality, which turn socks from a cliché stocking stuffer to an awesome one.

·      Stud Muffins Socks and Treats: Present for the rider and present for the horse. Win/Win.

·      Equus Soap Company Soaps: These hand made artisanal soaps make excellent stocking stuffer (or even teacher gifts) for equestrians and non-equestrians. These soaps work excellent, leave your skin feeling oh so soft and smell incredible.

·      OneHorse Horse Show Checklist: The perfect note pad for to do lists, these make a super cute stocking stuffer.

·      MBC Earrings: With a range of earrings from classy to sassy there is an option for every fashionable equestrian on your Christmas list.  

·      EcoLicious Lip Balm: Smells great, is incredibly moisturizing and is made using natural ingredients, which makes this lip balm hard to beat.

·      Equus Bit Balm: The ultimate balm to heal all hurts. Use on yourself or your horse, it’s the perfect size for a purse or a ring bag and a wonderful stocking stuffer.

·      KnixWear Underwear: Just like socks, no one really wants underwear in their stocking… unless it’s KnixWear. The ultimate underwear for the active equestrian, no VPL here.


Splurges for that Special Someone


We’ve all got someone in our lives who deserves something extra special this holiday season. Whether it’s your mom, sister, best friend, wife or girlfriend we can help you find an exceptional gift for under the Christmas Tree. If you’re celebrating their special accomplishments for the year or just showing them how much you love and appreciate them, we’ve got the perfect gift.


·      LeFash Breeches: Treat them to a fashion forward pair of breeches that they’ll never want to take off. Comfortable in the saddle and super stylish out, these breeches area sure winner.

·      Asmar Signature and Demi Belts: Italian leather, amazing colour combinations and sleek, stylish belt buckles. These belts are reversible, so really you’re getting a two for one deal, and they’re sure to be a hit.

·      Special Addition All Weather Rider Jackets: The ultimate jacket for every equestrian, available in 3 colours with impeccable detailing these are designed for in the saddle but perfect for everyday wear as well.

·      Tucker Tweed Bags: The perfect gift for the equestrian who doesn’t really need anything. Well designed, well made and undeniably chic, even non equestrians would fall in love with any of these bags.

·      LeFash Show Shirts: Made with all natural fibers, including cotton and bamboo and with lovely feminine styling these shirts are amazing show shirts but ready to pull double duty in a business environment.


Fantastic Friend Trinkets

Friend Trinkets

The holidays give us a great opportunity to celebrate the people that are important to us, and we should never forget to honour our friendships during this season. There are lots of options for friend gifts, from serious to silly. Friendships are incredibly important and a little something to make sure your friends know how much you care can go a long way. Never underestimate the power of saying “Hey, I appreciate you”.


·      Spiced Tote Bags: Because all equestrians know you can never have too many bags. The perfect tote for hauling around your riding clothes or gym clothes.

·      Blanket Scarves: Nothing beats a warm and cozy blanket scarf in the winter, these make perfect little gifts.

·      Hey Sugar Body Butter: Smells great, works great, what’s not to love. As equestrians we always spoil our horses, so love your horsie friends this Christmas and spoil them for a change.

·      Equus Soap Co Candles: Hand made, with three different variations, these both smell and look amazing. Pair it up with their soap or some EcoLicious products for a perfect “pamper yourself” gift set.

·      Spiced Eq Belts: Real leather, super cute and won’t break the bank.

·      Make Up Bags: These bags are adorable and so useful. Not just for makeup, pack hairnets or braiding tools in your tack trunk in style.

·      Asmar Cards: The holidays can get expensive and our friends understand that. Never underestimate the power of a hand written note showing your friends just how much they mean to you. Write it in a lovely Asmar card and it’s a sure fire hit.


Rewards for your Horse

Horse gifts

For most equestrians our horses are one of, if not the most, important part of our lives. Your horse works hard for you all year, but is always on call to be your friend and confidant when needed. Gift your horse with something special this Christmas season to celebrate your love for them. Whether it’s something they need, or something that they deserve, don’t leave them off your list.


·      EcoLicious Grooming Products: Can’t beat a spa day for your pony with these amazing grooming products. They all smell and work amazing and are the perfect gift for spoiling your horse with love and attention this winter.

·      EquiFit Belly Band: Ideal for the sensitive horse or the horse prone to rubs. Spoil your horse this holiday season, and they will thank you with their happiness.

·      Talisman Bonnets: Spoil your horse with a bonnet from the best in the business. These bonnets have unparalleled workmanship and all come with their own special charm! Get your horse dressed up right for show season!

·      EquiFit MultiTeq Boots: The perfect boot for any situation. Ideal for turnout, lunging, dressage horses, or even when jumping. With antibacterial liners, EverLeather outside and being exceptionally easy to clean, you can’t go wrong with these boots.

·      Stud Muffins Treats: Because every horse deserves some treats under the tree this Christmas.

·      ImpacTeq Half Pad: Taking the half pad game to the next level, the ImpacTeq pad is the perfect gift for your horse. Once you use one, you won’t want to use anything else. They work hard to keep your horse cool and protected while they work.



Perfect Trainer Presents

Trainer Presents

Your trainer spends long days, trips away for horse shows and always supports your dreams so they deserve a special thank you this holiday season. Give your trainer a gift that will keep on giving as a thank you for their long days schooling client horses, or even longer evenings giving lessons in cold climates. We have the perfect gift to let them know how much you value them.


·      Tailored Sportsman Breeches: Give the gift of comfort and style to your trainer this holiday season. With numerous colours to choose from, as well as mid-rise and low-rise options, we can have your trainer heading into the new year ready to ride.

·      Journey Reversible Vest: This vest is the ultimate vest for anyone who needs extra layers. It is reversible, so two vests in one, and it is packable, which makes it ideal for the trainer who is constantly traveling to horse shows and to try horses.

·      Vale ¼ Zip: The ideal base layer for winter months, the Vale is as cute as it is functional. The softest fabric, a pretty colour and warm without being hot, it makes a great gift option.

·      Black Knight Rider Wristlet: The accessory that is even more functional than pretty, a hard feat to manage when it is chic and stylish. Perfect for the trainer who is constantly running around horse shows, riding too many horses and struggling to stay organized. Room for their phone, so they’re always in contact, a day sheet to know what’s going on, and money so they can easily stop and grab coffee or lunch.

·      Asmar Socks: These socks are unbeatable for comfort when you spend an entire day in the irons. With temperature regulating merino wool, they are ideal for all seasons. With 6 colours to choose from, there’s a perfect option for everyone.

·      Discovery Jacket: Designed for life in and out of the saddle, this jacket is a great option for your trainer. With flattering styling, this light weight jacket is ideal for spring through fall, and even layering in the winter. It is also a great jacket to have embroidered so your trainer can rep their brand wherever they go.



Show Stopping Styles

Show Stoppers

It’s never too early to get show ring ready, and Christmas can be a great time to get ready to compete in style. If you find that the equestrian in your life already has everything and is tough to shop for, some new show ring ready items are a great choice. From finishing touches, to show stoppers there is a gift for all.


·      White/Tan Breeches: Tailored Sportsman white or tan breeches are a great option for the rider that seems to have everything. An extra pair of show breeches are never a bad thing. Tailored Sportsman breeches have flattering styling, wear well and are the perfect breech for your hunter, jumper or equitation rider.

·      Asmar ShadBelly: The perfect gift for your derby rider, this ShadBelly is tailored impeccably, has a classic look while being breathable and light weight. With 5 interchangeable points any rider can have a unique look that suits their style.

·      TS Black Quilted Belt: Perfectly horse show chic, this belt is ideal for all rings.

·      TS Show Shirt(s): With a classic look when snapped up, these long sleeve shirts still have some personality to them with fun patterns on the inside of the collars. Made with IceFil technology, and mesh sides, these shirts are pullover with snaps on the top making them cool in the summer and easy for any rider.

·      EquiFit T-Sport Wraps: The ideal wraps for an equitation horse, jumper or to protect your hunter during warm ups. Breathable and moisture wicking, while still providing superior support to regular polo wraps, these wraps are a sure winner in the gift category.

·      EquiFit Tail Wrap: Keep your horses tail braid perfect until you’re ready to rock your rounds in the ring. This tail wrap will not slip and will not make your horses tail hot or itchy.

·      MBC Charms: The perfect good luck finishing touch. Add one to your bridle or tuck one into your braids for a discreet addition to your show ensemble.


Mother's Day Gift Guide

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I personally think Mother's day is a special day. Before we are even born, our mother's give us so much, and after we are born, they just keep giving. Mother's deserve recognition everyday, but make sure you make your mom feel extra special on Mother's day. 

Whether your mom is into horses as well as you, or they just support your horse dreams and goals whole heartedly, we have something your mom would love to have this Mother's day! I've rounded up some of the best items in store for you to gift your mother this year!

Some great gift ideas for mom!

  • Asmar Knitwear
    • Asmar Knitwear is a perfect gift for your mom. It will keep her looking absoultely chic, and if shes cheering you on at a chilly horse show, warm as well. (Plus, it's on sale right now!)
  • Equus Soap Co Soaps
    • These soaps are incredible! Hand made by a Canadian Artisan, they not only look super cute, but they smell great too. Loaded with essential oils and ingrediants that are great for your skin, these are a perfect gift for a non-horsey mom!
  • My Barn Child Jewellery
    • Who doesn't want new earrings?? Jewellery from MBC is a great option, at a wallet friendly price point, these pieces still look great. Plus, most of the earrings are 18k gold, which are perfect for sensitive ears!
  • Tucker Tweed Bags
    • Tucker Tweed is a must have for any stylish lady, and your mom deserves one!
  • EcoLicious Lip Balm
    • Reasons to get your mom a lip balm, so she always has one in her purse, or pocket when you need one! But seriously, these lip balms are great, they smell wonderful and will keep your moms lips from getting chapped when she's spending long, hot days at horse shows with you this summer. 
  • Spiced Eq Soft Touch Phone Cases
    • Cute and classy, these soft touch cases are a must have. Once you hold one you won't want to give it to your mom! They feel incredible! Plus, they come in lots of different patterns to satisify horsey and non-horsey moms alike!
  • Asmar Signature Leather Belts
    • I cannot say enough good things about these belts! They are reversible, so you're essentially buying mom two belts for the price of one! The leather on these belts is butter soft, and the colours to die for. Make mom happy this Mother's day with one of these lovelies. 


Spring Must Haves

Alyssa Beutler

While spring is the beginning of a new growing season, its often more dreary weather-wise, then we wish it was. Spring can be an exciting time, but when the weather doesn’t match, it can also be long and tedious waiting for the actual nice weather to come. So, we’ve put together a list of the Top Ten Spring Must Haves, that are guaranteed to make you feel like its spring, even if the weather isn’t agreeing.

Meadow Tote

This bag is all kinds of perfect for spring! With a floral back ground and a wine coloured horse, hand stamped onto the front, it’s sure to have you feeling spring like! This bag isn’t just cute, but also functional, with the top having a zip closure, an exterior zippered pocket, and interior pockets.



Asmar - Lilac Long Sleeve Tee

This new colour of the classic Asmar Long Sleeve Tee has been super popular, and its obvious why! The lilac colour is perfect for getting you in a spring mood. The colour is soft and sophisticated, a great adult version of purple. With UV protection, this shirt will keep you protected from the sun, and is the perfect layering shirt for spring weather.



One Horse Threads - Love Tee

This tee is bright and fresh, and the fabric is oh so soft. The design is simple, and with just enough equestrian flair, without being over the top. You’re sure to get compliments on this tee from equestrians and non-equestrians a plenty.


Costa Sun Shirt – Original Gangster

Finally, a sophisticated pink for all the pink lovers out there. We’ve seen it time and again, the bright pinks, that make even adults feel much younger than they are, but no more. The Original Gangster colour is fresh and light and an absolute winner for any wardrobe. Bordering on coral, this shirt looks excellent with a navy or black breech for schooling. This shirt is effortlessly stylish while keeping you protected from the sun, even if it is hiding behind the clouds on these spring days. Brighten up your day with this shirt now, you won’t regret it.


Asmar Signature Leather Belt – Punch/Orange

Appropriately named, the “Punch” side of this belt, will definitely add a punch of colour to your outfit! This belt effortlessly switches from punch to orange, with a twist of the chrome buckle, giving you a two in one deal. Bright and cheerful, either colour of this belt are sure to stand out in any season.


Le Fash – The Sport Show Shirt, Coral Plaid

If any item of clothing screams “spring” it’s this shirt! Between the Coral Bamboo sides, and Coral Plaid Egyptian Cotton placket this shirt packs a punch. It’s both technical and stylish, with impeccable styling, magnetic snap collar, and thermo-regulating and antimicrobial. This shirt will take you from the office, to a lesson, to the show ring, and keep you looking effortlessly chic.



My Barn Child - Flower Charms

It may still be April, so the showers have yet to bring May flowers, but you can get a jump on the growing season with a flower charm from My Barn Child! With an option of white, blue or purple gem, there is sure to be a flower charm to make you think spring. Add your charm to your tack, or your outfit and step into spring.



We’ve got a wide variety of BlackBelts to choose from, but more than a couple make us think spring. Made by an amateur rider, these belts are stitched with love and are sure to complete your outfit perfectly. At 1.5” they fit a wide variety of breeches and are budget friendly at just $30.00 CAD.


Asmar – All Weather Rider, Lightweight

This jacket is the perfect item for typical “spring showers” and will keep you, and your saddle dry. With water resistant fabric, and mesh lining, this jacket will keep you warm, without over heating, making it a perfect spring layering option. With front and back skirts that unveil behind a hidden zipper gusset to fit over your saddle it will keep you and your tack dry and when the skirts are not in use, they snap elegantly back into place for a chic everyday look. Definitely a spring “must have” for everyone


Le Fash – Stable Bomber

Chic and stylish, the Le Fash Stable Bomber is a must have for any season, but especially for unpredictable spring weather. Made with bamboo, which makes this jacket both antimicrobial and thermo-regulating, breathable and moisture wicking, it is the perfect layering piece. The perfect option for when you can’t predict what the temperature will do, aka: any spring day. Perfect for cool morning hacks, but still great for when the day warms up.


For the month of April, buy any item off our “Spring Must Have” list, and receive a free gift, as well as free shipping, with the code “SpringMustHave”  



Alyssa BeutlerComment

Hi there!


Thanks for checking out the Poplar Lane Equestrian website and blog!


I have been riding and showing at a competitive level, on the hunter/jumper circuit, for the last 10+ years. In those 10 years I have seen a lot of trends come and go in the equine industry, but one thing that has remained is the relative shortage of tack stores in Saskatchewan. While we have some great options now, we still lack a variety and depth of products. This means myself, and many others often find ourselves shopping while at out of province horse shows and online shopping.

I love online shopping as much as the next person, but sometimes you want the experience of seeing the products firsthand and trying them on to insure you are going to love what you are spending your hard earned money on. With the creation of Poplar Lane Equestrian, I am aiming to give Saskatchewan riders a little more variety in their local equestrian shopping experience.

The shopping experience itself is something that Poplar Lane will focus on. I know as well as anyone, that riding can be expensive. It’s nice to feel appreciated by a company when you’re spending any amount of money with them, but especially when you start purchasing big ticket items. I can personally say that we will appreciate the business from each and every customer, and I want you to love shopping at Poplar Lane Equestrian. We will always strive to make every experience an enjoyable and memorable one for all our customers. There will always be a coffee, tea or water for while you’re shopping, along with great fresh homemade treats.

Your loyalty as a customer is also extremely valued, which is why we have not just one, but two different rewards programs. Full details of these programs can be found on our About Us page. Make sure you keep an eye on our social media, as we will occasionally have events where every purchase counts for double your normal loyalty points, and we will announce them on social media.

I know that while Saskatoon is central, not everyone in Saskatchewan gets here often, which is why we are pleased to be offering Barn Shopping Parties. If you are part of a barn or team that rides outside of the Saskatoon surrounding area, we want to bring the shopping experience to you. The products that you want to see will be brought right to you, for your barns shopping experience. For anyone interested in this service, please contact me and we will work out a date and time that works for both ends.

For our barns, teams and clubs, we can help you out with custom products for your group. Contact us with what you are looking for and we will do our best to help fulfill your wishes.

I look forward to working with everyone in the province to bring you the products that you want with exceptional service.


Alyssa Beutler (Owner)



Make sure to check the blog periodically for new product reviews and useful tips and tricks. Don’t forget to follow us on social media for the latest product reveals and information.