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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Alyssa Beutler

2018 Mothers Day Gift Guide




For the Horsey Mom


Not all of us get to share our love of horses with our moms, but if you are one of the lucky ones that do, here are some ideas for your mom for Mother’s Day.


*Rider Wristlets: These wristlets are loved by those who have them and lusted after by those who don’t. Treat your mom this Mother’s Day to one and she will be thanking you for months to come. The wristlet is a stylish way to keep all your necessities with you on your horse, or on the town.

*TS Breeches: Because you can never have too many pairs of breeches. Seriously. With so many colours to choose from you can find the perfect pair to fit her style.

*Dreamers Socks: We like to think of the Dreamers and Schemers socks as the “Ultimate” boot sock. Fun patterns, lightly padded foot for comfort, perfect weight for all weather and a black top so your mom doesn’t have to worry about her socks playing peek a boo.

*Spiced Phone Case: We all need a little way to let the world know we’re horse crazy, and a fun horsey phone case is the perfect way to do this. Choose from either the classic phone case, or the new bumper phone case. Tons of different patterns for various phones.



For the Horse Show Mom


Is your mom the mom who is always at your shows? Holding horses, hauling things around for you, videoing rounds, grabbing food. Horse show moms are truly the best. If you’re blessed enough to have a horse show mom, get her something a little special this year to set her up for the coming season of horse shows!


*All Weather Rider: While the All Weather Rider may be designed for riding, your mom will sure appreciate it when she’s standing ring side in a down pour to catch your round. Not to mention, it’s stylish enough to hit the town in throughout the year.

* Poplar Lane Tumbler, Spiced Flask: Coffee in the morning, drink in the afternoon. No really, horse show mom is a hard job, and watching your rounds is a whole different kind of stressful. Ask your mom if she breaths at all while you’re in the ring. Make sure she’s set up for the day with these goodies.

*Show Mom Tee: The perfect cute gift so your mom can rock her horse show mom status loud and proud.








For the Active Mom


Does your mom share your love of being active, but not your love of horses? No worries, we can still help you out with your gift giving. We’ve got some great options for your mom if she loves to hit the gym, yoga class, or the hiking trail.


*Sunshirts: Not just for riding, sunshirts are a great option for your mom who spends her summers outside achieving her athletic goals. Collared or non-collared, mesh or not, we’ve got a Sunshirt for everyone. Help your mom protect her skin, while staying cool.

*Asmar/Poplar Lane Ball Caps: Because helmet hair isn’t the only hair you need to hide, gym hair is a thing too. The Asmar hats come in 5 colours, so you’ve got options.

*Spiced H20: Drinking enough water is always important, and even more so when you’re always on the move. Help your active mom get enough water with a cute water bottle from Spiced Eq.



For Every Mom


We’ve got some classic items in store so no matter whether your mom’s interests run to horsey or otherwise, you cannot go wrong with gifting these lovelies.


 *Tucker Tweed Bags: No matter what the occasion, a Tucker Tweed bag always makes a great gift, and Mother’s Day is certainly no exception to that rule. Whether it’s a wallet or crossbody or a James River Tote for your mom who works hard day in and day out, we’ve got some great options for your mom. This is a classic timeless gift item.

*Belts: A good leather belt is never a bad gift, and we’ve got some solid options for you. For an extra special present, grab your mom the Asmar Signature belt, it’s actually two belts in one, and they are chic enough to go with any outfit. Another great option is a Tailored Sportsman belt, with a few different options to choose from, like snakeskin or quilted leather, you can find one to fit your moms style.   

*Equus Soaps: It may be little, but a good bar of soap is actually a lovely gift. These soaps are all hand made, are packed full of great natural ingredients and smell great thanks to essential oils. They last long, make for soft hands, and are even pretty sitting by the sink.