Poplar Lane Equestrian

Saskatchewan's newest boutique equestrian shopping experience. Featuring products for the discerning equestrian, for all facets of the equestrian lifestyle. 

About Us

After years of shopping at horse shows out of province and with many online purchases, it was time to offer a solution to the equestrians of Saskatchewan faced with a similar situation. With the creation of Poplar Lane Equestrian we are here to meet the needs previously unmet with Saskatchewan equestrians. With brands that are popular all across North America, but haven’t been available in Saskatchewan before now, Poplar Lane Equestrian will fulfill a niche market experience. 

At Poplar Lane Equestrian, our goal is to provide you with exceptional products, and a shopping experience to match. We value all our customers and strive to make everyone’s shopping experience as pleasant and rewarding as possible. We stay on top of the trends in the industry to make sure we are offering you products that are current and up to date.

Our collection of stock will offer products of great quality, functionality and style. Our collection has been carefully curated to include many products that can transition from the barn, to everyday life, seamlessly and stylishly. Many riding clothes can be expensive, and multifunctional pieces that can transition through the various facets of life, can be a great way to make the most of anyone’s wardrobe. 

At Poplar Lane Equestrian, our goal is to provide you with exceptional products, and a shopping experience to match

We strive to offer a full shopping experience and allow our customers to feel as valued as they truly are. We've always got the coffee on, and great homemade goodies for while you browse. 

Located in an idyllic setting less than 15 minutes east of Saskatoon, Poplar Lane offers a new and unique shopping experience. No dealing with excessive traffic, or busy parking lots, a trip to our store will let you relax in a calm and peaceful environment. 



Equestrians often find themselves out growing products, or having extra clothes they just don’t seem to use any more. Selling these pieces can often be time consuming, and a hassle. At Poplar Lane Equestrian, we understand this dilemma and are here to offer you a solution. By using our consignment services, we do the work for you in selling your second hand pieces. Your items with be included in our store, offering local customers a place to see them and try them on, as well as online, offering a broader customer base. This is a no hassle way for you to sell your second hand products to make way for new pieces in your tack room and closet.

Consignment services will be charged out at 20% of the sale price if paid out in cash, or 15% if paid in store credit.

*Please note, we will not take all consignment products, please contact us for an appointment to see if your products will fit in our consignment program.


Mobile Shopping Services

We may be situated in the Saskatoon area, but that doesn’t mean our services are limited to that area! We know that there are many equestrians in areas of Saskatchewan that may not be able to shop in Saskatoon on a regular basis so we want to be able to cater to those customers as well. Poplar Lane Equestrian will be offering barn shopping parties so that those that want to be able to shop our products in person have that opportunity. We will bring our collection to your barn, allowing all the members of your barn, or the area, to shop in a convenient location. Simply have someone from your barn get in touch, and we will work out a time for the store to come to you!

Poplar Lane Equestrian will also have a mobile store available for horse shows in Saskatchewan. If you are running a horse show and would like to see our store there, please contact us!

Customer Rewards Programs

At Poplar Lane we value our customers and their loyalty, which has lead us to create two different rewards programs to benefit our customers.

The first is our Horse Care loyalty program. Our horses are why we do this sport and we want to be able to help you take the best care possible of your beloved horse(s). Customers will receive a loyalty card, and each bottled horse care product purchased will be marked off on your card. When you have purchased twelve horse care products, you will receive your thirteenth free.

*Cap value on free product is $25.

Our second loyalty program, is a Customer Rewards Points, which rewards the rider. Each purchase made at Poplar Lane Equestrian (excluding bottled horse care products) will earn customer rewards points, which can be redeemed in store. To be eligible for customer rewards points you simply need to create a customer profile with us, and all purchases will be tracked, in store and online.